Natural Gas

Prevention of leaks from 3rd party damage along with remote monitoring and control are key requirements of a connected utility.  Our products are bringing innovation into the industry.

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Liquid Fuels

It’s critical to stop a fuel leak before it becomes a major problem. LineGuardian is the only product on the market that detects leaks and spills and immediately stops them at the source.

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Fuel Filtration

Our Fuel Filtration system revitalizes your fuel and cleans lubricants to a quality that meets or surpasses all manufacturers’ standards and government regulations.

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LORAX Systems is a Nova Scotia-based environmental solutions company, with a difference. LORAX develops and delivers innovative systems and products that mitigate environmental and safety risks, while offering operational and cost efficiencies. No LORAX product goes to the marketplace before it is proven to enhance the environment. Our products offer additional benefits of risk mitigation, operational efficiencies, safety and/or financial savings.

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