Lorax innovations protect the environment we live in while safeguarding the home and business you value. In the lab and in the field, our products are proven to be best in class. In fact, they may just be in a class all their own. And they’re all clean, safe, efficient, reliable, and precision-crafted.


The LineGuardian technology can be readily applied to provide end-to-end protection of a process line carrying any fluid (liquid or gas). The system detects size of leak, from pin-hole to complete line sever, and shuts down the fluid at the source. Unlike other systems, LineGuardian is entirely mechanical and needs no power. Come what may, LineGuardian is always on, providing unparalleled protection.
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Fuel Filtration

An elegantly effective tool to revitalize your diesel fuel and clean lubricants to a quality that meets or surpasses all manufacturers’ standards and government regulations.
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