Accident leads to invention of device to handle fuel line leaks

October 20, 2015

It was an accident — lawn mower versus oil tank line — that led Mark Bishoff to co-invent a new […]

Preventing the mess and stress of leaky oil tanks

February 3, 2014

CBC Information Mornings talks about how a neighbour’s nightmare prompted Mark Bishoff to develop a fuel line protector; Preventing the mess and stress of leaky oil. Listen to the CBC radio spot now.

CTV News Spot

January 1, 2014

CTV News hosts a segment with interviews and footage from Lorax Systems Inc. and the Line Guardian System. January, 2014.

The race for the perfect fuel

November 5, 2011

BC Shipping News talks about the lack of global fuel quality standards and how the Lorax Fuel Filtration systems can help eliminate contaminants and equalize fuel quality from tank to your equipment.