LineGuardian for Oil Heat and Commercial Diesel Systems

Storing fuel on site creates risk for homeowners and businesses. LineGuardian is the solution to reducing or even eliminating that risk. It detects line or connection problems immediately – from invisible pinholes to catastrophic failures – and shuts down the flow of fuel at the source. Since it’s an entirely mechanical valve and line system, it needs no power–so it’s always “on”. It works for fuel and any other liquid in any size line in all environmental conditions.

Why LineGuardian?

Inferior technologies – sniffers, lasers and pressure monitors – detect and notify you when a problem occurs. Of course, by then the line is already spilling fuel. Protective sleeves or coatings reduce the risk, but substantial damage like sudden sharp strikes or deliberate cuts by vandals can penetrate the coating and the line. Several organizations, including the Canadian federal government, have installed LineGuardian in public buildings. Product test installations at RCMP detachments have already been credited with preventing major oil spills.

LineGuardian is the only system that can make all of the following claims:

  • Proven elimination of leaks and spills from fuel lines
  • Affordability for homeowners and small businesses
  • Easy and quick installation by a trained furnace technician
  • No power required
  • Detects and stops fuel line leaks automatically and immediately
  • Works on lines of any size, carrying any fluid, in any conditions
  • Only certified end-to-end fire safety valve

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