Fuel Filtration

Diesel Fuel is often the lifeblood of a community – and many businesses. When it fails, the consequences can be catastrophic and even fatal, due to the essential services that are supported. Our Fuel Filtration system revitalizes your diesel fuel and cleans lubricants to a quality that meets or surpasses all manufacturers’ standards and government regulations. There is no diesel fuel restoration system or product at any price that works better than Lorax.

Why Fuel Filtration?

Diesel fuel is an organic compound. That means it degrades over time, forming contaminants and mixing with water that can clog filters, reduce equipment efficiency and ultimately cause equipment failure. Lorax filtration revitalizes diesel to refinery condition, resulting in superior and reliable performance in generators, boat and ship engines, trucks and any other diesel powered equipment.

Lorax Fuel Filtration offers:

  • Sub-micron-level cleaning, other leading filtration systems clean to a 3-5 micron level, leaving tiny particles that cause generator and engine problems
  • A proprietary filter that removes water completely and eliminates bacteria
  • Continuous cleaning means your fuel is always ready, unlike mobile filtration that depends on the frequency and diligence of operators
  • Superior performance especially with today’s low-sulphur diesel fuel
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Reliability – your fuel will start and run your equipment every time
  • Significant emission reductions
  • A measurable return on your investment
  • Automated remote data capabilities that can let you know when to perform maintenance or service

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