It’s not commercial competitiveness that drives us to create cutting-edge products. We define success in a much more fundamental way than that. We’re inspired by the environmental challenges that we face, regardless of the industry. Our innovations are universal, spanning categories and applications. And we’re motivated by the value of making a difference for the communities and customers we serve. It’s no surprise, then, that we’re fueled by the power of innovation. Only true innovation can create the change that our world, and our customers, demand. It’s this spirit of innovation that has driven us to become a trusted technology leader.

Engineered and manufactured with painstaking precision in Canada, our groundbreaking systems and products offer measurable operational and cost efficiencies while both safeguarding the environment and maximizing the potential of the world’s energy resources.

The LineGuardian system is the world’s first fully automatic, non-electrical solution to detecting and stopping any fluid leaks (gas or liquid).

Fuel filtration products and systems have the potential to reduce the consumption of millions of barrels of crude oil every year, while ensuring the reliability and performance of critical equipment.

Lorax products exceed all regulatory and industry standards. They are engineered and tested to perform in the toughest conditions. They are proven best in class.


At Lorax, we are driven to provide practical solutions to real world problems. Our products are engineered to provide unparalleled safety and/or environmental benefits to the communities we serve. We strive to not only meet industry and regulatory standards, but to also raise the bar for the long-term safety, operational and financial benefits for our customers.

Simply put, every Lorax product is engineered to deliver as promised each and every time.


20 Oct 2015

It was an accident — lawn mower versus oil tank line — that led Mark Bishoff to co-invent a new […]

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3 Feb 2014

CBC Information Mornings talks about how a neighbour’s nightmare prompted Mark Bishoff to develop a fuel line protector; Preventing the mess and stress of leaky oil. Listen to the CBC radio spot now.

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1 Jan 2014

CTV News hosts a segment with interviews and footage from Lorax Systems Inc. and the Line Guardian System. January, 2014.

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5 Nov 2011

BC Shipping News talks about the lack of global fuel quality standards and how the Lorax Fuel Filtration systems can help eliminate contaminants and equalize fuel quality from tank to your equipment.

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