Why LineGuardian for Oil Heating systems?

Oil heat is a very safe and reliable choice for heating your home or business. As with any key mechanical system, proper maintenance and care is required to ensure trouble and worry-free operation.

An integral and often neglected component to your oil heating system is the fuel line that supplies your heating appliance. Although the risk to an average homeowner is low, fuel leaks have been found to be a source of fuel spills on both domestic and commercial properties. In these cases, the vulnerability of the fuel line is evident, calling for a more substantive solution for protecting property. Many products on the market can alert you to a problem once damage has occurred, or help limit the damage. Only one product prevents a leak immediately, whether you are home or not.

LineGuardian detects any leak or spill on your fuel line and immediately shuts off the flow of oil at the source.

Lorax LineGuardian offers:

  • Peace of mind for you and your family. With LineGuardian, oil spills are stopped before they start.
  • Protection from environmental and financial risk. That’s LineGuardian’s laboratory-proven capability.
  • Innovative mechanical technology that detects fuel line problems and triggers the shutoff valve. Every time.
  • LineGuardian has no electrical requirements. It works automatically, whether there is power or not.
  • LineGuardian is proven to stop leaks before they happen. In most laboratory and field tests, no fuel escaped the line fitted with the LineGuardian system when the line was severed.

Lorax LineGuardian will be distributed through reputable home heating oil service companies. It must be installed by a recognized technician to ensure proper and worry-free operation.